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Gemstones and jewels are the oldest art forms of humanity.

At ORI e GEMME the gemstones and the jewels live with you , bind to your story , vibrate in tune with your emotions because there is nothing more beautiful than customize jewelry . We leave the others to give theirs a catalog number.

Shop , website, gemological laboratory, gemstone-cutting laboratory, gems from around the world , jewelry never seen before. Our jewels are not limited to being rare , they are unique!

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Gems and jewelry are the crystallization of your finest dreams and the embodiment of ambitions! And Paolo and Francesca Severi are the right people to accompany you with professionalism and imagination in your choice. All our jewelry is unique , shaped on YOU, on Your person and your personality... and it costs less than you expect.

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Exhibitions, fairs, conferences and other meetings, debates in which one can converse and exchange opinions on everything, somehow related to precious stones.

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Pavia to discover

The past , the present and the future of Pavia should be read through its " stones " , which are its monuments , its streets , the Ticino river . Because the future does not transform this city into a banal suburb of itself , it is essential to inspire the pride of belonging to its " Stones " . We are always working in order to engrave such a illumination. We also recommend the "White Book of San Marino".



Stones and jewels are an extension of my person and my personality . So I want them to be goods , genuine,

belongings that have no bad stories behind them

Are you looking for pearls, ivory, coral? Then do not come to us! Because you will not find them here.

For this I avoid pearls , ivory , coral. And everything procured through the killing of an animal. Killing which was not for food or for defense, but killing only to obtain a decorative tinsel. This is why I avoid false stones and artifacts: I would be the first to be fooled.

There are so many genuine stones , and in so many wonderful colors! And Paolo and Francesca Severi are the right people to follow me in my choices with my resources.


Because an object is beautiful, should be in to your person and your personality .

For this we have the best brands in the world: your own , with your aspirations and desires, and ours , with our skill and immagination refined through the work of many, many years.

Each (and every) one of our jewels comes from a history, but his story can be modified at any time by changing the stones, the drawing, the gold of the color.
It is our specialty to create unique jewels, because each one of us is unique: and as such, be respected and (extremely) valued.


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Quest for Gold

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