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Even precious stones can be observed from different angles and for this reason we have written many books. All written with passion, accuracy, imagination, love for the stones. The writings are easy to read, full of information and above all, satiated with emotions, for those who already know a lot about stones, and also for those who want to learn more on the subject.

It is possibile for you to read the predace, index and excerpt for each one of the books. These books are hard to find in bookstores, and we offer them with discounted prices .

We are on the side of the stones! And our books prove this.

“Pietre non Ordinarie” was our first assignment. The first edition was in 1980; to which followed various editions and many reprints . After many years “Pietre non Ordinarie” keeps its freshness and innovation, unchanged. The stones are experienced from within, by emotions that they can provoke, by the magic inherent in their naturalness, by the instinctive charm of their rising beauty.

“Pietre che Curano – Pietre e Zodiaco – Pietre e Arte”, Probably the first book in Italian on certain subjects in New Age light. Contrary to general publications on the subject, this book is not a recipe book. “The search for beauty in small things” can be a bright path both in us and outside of ourselves.

“Le Parole delle Pietre” is, perhaps, the first dictionary on stones written in New Age light. Since everything is, somehow, linked to everything else, every word is, somehow, linked to a gemstone. So we took a bit of stones and words, we blend them together, and the result is this book. To make ourselves forgiven, we have enriched the book for you with many appendices.

“Perché le Pietre Preziose?” Preciousness is a qualitative aspect, and words, due to their quantitative nature, are not recommended to be used in order to explain their preciousness. But these same words, bound in fairy tales and stories, can create moods and ideas that may be involved in some characteristics of precious stones. Each chapter begins with a question, and before you get to an answer, you have to experience a fairy tale.

“Il Libro delle Gemme” (E. Leone – A. Leone – G. Provera). This is an excellent manual of gemology: Updated, complete, full of photographs, written with great skill but with accessible language. The authors have a long experience of gemological laboratories and management of courses on gemology. Complete with CD- Rom, we offer it at exceptional conditions. It is a great opportunity for those who want a practical textbook, technical, very useful if one needs to learn to use gemological equipment, the correct terminology, and understand the differences between a genuine and artificial stones.

DVD: Seminario di gemmologia – La ricerca dell’oro in Val Padana. For centuries, artificial stones were produced, with the attempt to make them look like genuine ones. Nowadays, this trend has reversed: genuine stones are transformed in such a way that they look like artificial ones.” Precious stone is the quest for beauty in small things. ” And there is nothing beautiful in falsehood, sophistication, vivisection, misinformation, environmental disruption, ecological crisis, ignorance and fraud. The DVD contains the recording of an open discussion on gemology held in Treviso. My “search for beauty in small things” made me look for (and find !) Gold along the rivers of the Po Valley. In the second part of the DVD, you’ll find a guide to this experience . The workshop “ORI e GEMME” of Pavia and the site “” are available for any doubts or questions.