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Le parole delle pietre (The Words of The Stones)


I dedicate this book about the words
to Gina and to Manlio,
my parents,
and to their life 
made only of clean words.

Everything is somehow linked to everything else;
Each word is then linked to each precious stone.
Every human civilization is built with stones and words..

Playing with stones and words, and discovering values and pleasures ancient as the world. Exploring the world through precious stones advances with the help of words. Words that from stones fly toward every horizon, then return to the stones, because everything on this earth, is earth transformed in some way, and each crystal is the center of the Universe.

Because a stone does not end where the stone rests. The best way to read this book, is to page through it at random. Just like a dictionary, it will never be complete unless every reader does not enrich it with some of the countless missing definitions. It is, in all probability, the first and the only dictionary that regards stones in a New Age key.

Le Parole delle Pietre 
Ori e Gemme Publishing
First edition 1999 – 192 Pages
14.5 × 22 cm format

Price: €14,46