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Introduction (Le Parole delle Pietre)

Introduction Le Parole delle Pietre (The Words of The Stones)

Stones are among the most ancient ties with our Earth; we are redeemed (in part) by the beast since we created the glorious “Stone Age”. During the civilizations that have eventuated, stones were gradually given different meanings, testified by cave paintings, dolmens, the remains of gigantic monuments, inscribed tablets, some jewelry, only-one witnesses of civilizations extinguished thousands of years ago, in addition to the words of the now-lost idioms which talk of stones, and which have in turn been engraved on stones.

When the stone has completed its utilitarian task, it has been elevated to a symbol: “Instead of working an arrowhead, something with which one could have a successful relationship with one’s prey, I craft this colored stone so as to have a privileged relationship with the divine, the ancestors, the tribe, the woman”. That same day, the precious stone had been invented.

Walking the streets of the world in search of stones means getting in touch with people who, in their eyes, possess a light that is the reflection of the light of the stones he is handling, which in turn is a reflection of a more ancient, much older light.

Walking the roads of the world in search of stones implies getting in touch with words that have different sounds, different meanings, which create different mental images. We took a bit of stones, a bit of words, and we have arranged them into alphabetical order.

Paolo Severi