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Pietre che Curano (Stones that Health)

Presentation to the section: “PIETRE CHE CURANO” (“STONES THAT HEALTH”)


What in our physical body is not water, is earth somehow transformed; that is to say, crystals that have undergone several changes, triggered by various types of energy. Water, crystals and energy are the three elements of our being. “Gemology” is the discipline that studies precious stones, and precious stones are the closer it gets to pure beauty. To get passionate about gemology means also to seek and find beauty in small things. Approaching gemology without the greed of the precious and of power, is to participate in the harmony of small things in nature, and to partake in such harmony is to become ourselves more harmonious, more beautiful, more luminous. “Participating” with a precious stone can have extraordinary effects.

The current Western medical culture considers our body as something detached from us; a kind of machine that can break without our fault, and that a good mechanic can repair. The disease on one hand, the doctor with his medication on the other, and us with our bodies that we hope will not break. I think it’s time to stop this suicidal attitude, and with me, fortunately, many physicians as well as followers of “unofficial” medicines think the same way.

Everything is somehow linked to everything else. There are very obvious connections, others are perceptible only in particular states of consciousness, others that are incapable of energizing any instrument of our current technology. But, everything is somehow associated with everything else. This is the reason why those who have “participated” in an experience, are somewhat different due to that same experience. Let’s take a handful of different precious stones: some are liked more than the rest, to some we may feel indifferent, while others evoke strong emotions. Precious stones always arouse emotions! This fact, difficult to quantify, is tainted by those stones that are too much publicized at the expense of other stones that thus remain almost unknown. The almost exclusive use of gemstones in jewelry is another problem: many think them to be always very expensive, and this is not true. Stones can give harmony, help with introspection, accustom in the quest for beauty in the small things, increase the sense of trust and positivity that should always accompany us. Gemstones behave a bit like talismans: they do not have an intrinsic desire to change the destiny or the course of things, but they are the headquarters of positive energy, and as such, act as pathways; they promote the flow of certain energies while deviating others, and behaving as catalysts they convey some processes into more spontaneous ones. Envisage man, so complicated, and imagine the crystal, so simple and essential. Let us meditate on these two apparently distant demonstrations of creation: it is quite natural that men and crystals are attracted to each other. Both are an expression of energy organized at different levels of awareness and evolution. Both are intelligent energy vortexes. They can communicate with each other. We’ve already mentioned that the stones can heal, rebalance, give confidence, positivity, optimism. Another matter is what the proximity of a certain stone may do to help against drunkenness or against hair loss. Many scholars go back to ancient books: for some, the more a book is old the more it speaks the truth, especially if it was written in unfamiliar languages and in time of civilizations of which we only know that they were completely different from ours! Personally, I believe that the culture of the ancients can be a step forward at the time it is understood, and a further step forward at the moment it is abandoned. A free spirit has original ideas, knows how to question everything, knows how to experiment. If a precious stone arouses particular emotions, from that point onwards you can trigger a whole personal communication that goes far beyond trivial little rules like: “for those born under the sign of the seagull, an ersatz stone will suit best, while against dysmenorrhea one needs a brummagem (*) crystal”.

No recipes. Intuition of the one who directs, availability and openness of the one who is directed: if the choice of a stone happens with this state of mind, the results will be grandiose! The ideal would be to be followed by those with experience and sensitivity to the stones, both in quantitative and technical aspects, and in qualitative aspects related to subtle perceptions; those who know how to get in tune with that gentle magic that is in and around us. Then, it will only be a matter of form, whether top up on the stone as a jewel, or as a pendant with which to fiddle, as an ornament, or use it as a cure-all, for ayurvedic massages, as a backing for meditation, energy triangulation, or whatever our imagination and cultures different from ours has been able to, and knows to, imagine. The same research for the right stone is an extraordinary therapy! Crystals are closer to God, because they are closer to the Creation; this is why precious stones are precious.