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Presentation to the section: “PIETRE PREZIOSE E ZODIACO” (“Stones and Zodiac”)

When we deny something that is unreal, we do so, referring to something that is real.
(Ananda Kentish Coomaraswamy)

The origin of man has been and will always be mysterious because it is indeed magical, forever unexplained due to our more and more rationalizing tendencies.
(Giorgio Samorini)

The lists of zodiac stones are all different one from the other, so I will give you the right one, obviously different from all the rest.

The main dozens are: the months of the year, the signs of the zodiac; the Israelites (the ‘Twelve Tribes’); musical notes including the sharps and the flats, the Apostles, the hours of a half day. Apart from the musical notes, a certain arbitrariness in the other dozen can be noticed. Mind, the number twelve is a wonderful number, which apparently would be better from a base ten numbering since it is dividable, both by itself and by an integer, by 2,3,4 and 6, while the number 10 is dividable only by 2 and 5. Some argue that dropping 3 and 4 in favor of 5 has been craziness, and probably they are right.

In our book “Pietre non Ordinarie” we had suggested color, gemstone and sign-of-the-zodiac combinations which arose from sync links and not on arbitrational bases. In the appendix we represent that chapter. It seems that the Bible is usually taken as a reference for zodiacal stones, since twelve stones are gem set in a famous breastplate. However, various versions which have ensued throughout history have lead to discordant denominations. To purify current texts from the subjectivity of scribes, translators, and synods to comprehend to which stones they were truly referring to may seem an obstinate and an infertile task. Nonetheless, attempts to give unique charts on stone-zodiac connections have been made, and duly we show you some results. Since the customer of such research had exquisitely commercial purposes, it being the “AMERICAN NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF RETAIL JEWELERS”, chances are that you’d get results at all costs. And the result is an amalgam of biblical knowledge, Chaldean astrology, Babylonian astronomy, the foundation stones of the city of New Jerusalem, stones of the breastplate of the High Priest of Israel, popular traditions, ancient and modern customs and fashions. Probably it is a great job but, in our opinion, areas of doubt remain too vast. There is also the question that many jewelers in the association mentioned are Jews, and hence as such, are inclined to give importance to Biblical quotations unshared with Buddhists, Muslims or unbelievers. There is also a difference between “Christmas stone”, referring to the twelve months of the year of the current calendar, (in which the stone which refers to the month of 28 days will be penalized as compared with that of a month of 31), and the ” Zodiac Stone”, in which the reference is made to the Chaldean calendar, currently totally alien to our culture, except by way of horoscopes.

For these reasons, for the sake of completeness we report these charts, but from the latter we duly keep our distance.