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Collection of jewelry design

Jewels are designed to be clothed in with.

And there is a love story before every birth. Gold is the manufactured part which binds stones to jewelry and to the finger of the person who wears it; it tells the story. It is the female soul of the jewel. The stone is hard, unalterable, it describes light and strength. It is the male soul of the jewel.

The balance between these energies is called life, art, jewel … but to express itself it needs participation, it needs to live with us.

The sweet femininity of Silvia binds with the personality of our jewels, and even the coarse strength of rough gold nuggets and meteorites, become docile dragons when they embellish her body. The impetuous youth of Xenia plunges into stones and jewelry of all kinds, and even the most sophisticated symbols, become downright delicious distractions among her fingers.

Our jewels disclose somewhat magic and dreamlike stories, but they are always an extension of the personality of the person who wear them.

We have always used genuine gemstones only and we have always been respectful of ethics and considerate of ecology.

Every item can be realized benefiting from other stones, other than the ones pictured; so it can be custom-tailored.

That’s right: we have the greatest labels in the world: yours and ours! By combining your wishes with our experience, we create the most beautiful jewels in the world.

Our jewelry is all unique, hence our jewels do not let themselves be given a serial number. Even their value can be chosen in relation to stones and desires.

In this art gallery, we tried to represent the atmosphere of our jewels. Write to us, just give us a call, if some object intrigues you. Although our jewels are unique pieces with pure gemstones, almost always the comment we are given on the cost is: “Really? They are so cheap? Unbelievable!”