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Toucans Gallery

The colors, the smells, the warm wind of the tropics, the absurd beauty of those colorful birds … I want to bring all this to the finger, I want my eyes, and those who meet my gaze, are illuminated with joy and color .

Natural stones, quite large but not unwieldy, work especially for this line of jewelry, shiny stones, full of character, all unique yet economical, always wearable.

The metal reflects the shape of “inverted root”, and its rich symbolism (see Gallery of the Tree and the Sphere).

Aquamarine, imperial topaz, garnet. Citrine, Amethyst Quartz, rutilated Quartz, colorless Topaz, Emerald massive, massive Rubi, polychromatic tourmaline, rose quartz, rose star quartz, Amber … just to mention some of the stones we used.

This line we offer it in yellow gold, white gold, silver.