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Too often earrings are born to follow their ring line footsteps, not that this forbidden, but, you understand, this conditioning limits the expressiveness potential of the jewel.

Another convincement to unmask is the exact symmetry and mirror image equality that companion stones should have. In recent years, the taboo that jewels should have a forced symmetry has broken. Of corse shop-windows are still full of symmetrical jewels; this is logical since equilibrium is much more easily achieved with a symmetrical design than with the harmonic study of different masses. But what use is to be a craftsman jeweler, if not to inaugurate research, good taste and personality of exclusive designs?

Many of our earrings can be worn both in pairs, or individually as a mono earring. Many of our jewels are born to be used either as a pendant or as earrings.

The earring position allows visibility and exceptional movement.

It is hard not to fall in love with our earrings.