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Just like swallows and dogs, also we have our own sense of territoriality, which is not necessarily tied to a certain geographical area. It can be something related to our personal history, our own path, of course, also to our Neighbourhood, Province, River, Mountain or Farmstead.
Too much jewelry is standardized, type-approved, mass produced. In the shadow of the “big label”, common thoughts and ordinary people hide. Too often. And this leads to a flattening that is annoying (according to us). You can find the same stuff anywhere around the world.
In this section we deal with territories and geographical emotions, because personal stories that we have symbolized in jewelry are intimate and confidential, and we meet with them from time to time.
But the idea that a jewel can also be a kind of “Totem”, a companion for one’s entire life, galvanizes us!
To recap: we have the finest brands in the whole world, YOURS and OURS. Together, we can only create outlandish jewelry!