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To live within a magic circle made of gold is more than to own a ring.

Every single one of our rings is conceived form our own history, generates its own atmosphere, arouses particular emotions, propels a particular mood. The materials we use are gold 750 ‰, pure gold, platinum, silver and natural stones.

The value of the item may vary greatly depending on the quality of the stones used.

The metal part is to be considered the female soul of the jewel: it is the manufactured part, it tells the story, it is linked to the earth, to the finger, to the stone. The stone instead, is to be considered the male soul of the jewel: it is sound and solid, it is looking out for the light which will engage in its eternity, it is one and nonpareil. The ring must express the meeting of these two souls.

The “interpretation” that we have disclosed is our explication, our own invention. Of which we are very proud of.

We do our best in order to narrate captivating tales, made of light, fortitude and amity; out of the usual boundaries of conformism, of the ordinary, of that small empty talk that hovers like stagnant stench in excessively standardized jewelry.

Too often diamonds are treated like cream and parsley in the kitchen: they never hurt and do always enrich the pot. So is the diamond, the most valuable precious stone known, which is confined to a mundane marketing tool.

From our point of view, every single stone is a unique piece of natural art and hence must be processed and treated with respect. This is why our rings are all matchless, inimitabile, we do not use calibrated stones! The standard goldsmith uses calibrated stones and rings in strictly identical copies, ready to be catalogued with a serial number and thus shipped all over the world. Whataver jewel for whoever. No expense in research and no involvement, just advertising and marketing. A race to homogenization.