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The silver Jewels

On our opinion, the stone is the male soul of the jewel, and in such unalterable, hard, in search of light, while the metal is its feminine soul because it is ductile, it ties up to the stone and to the finger, it tells the story …With this in mind, silver is more “female” than gold, since it connects more with the Moon than with the Sun.
Silver is much lighter than gold and platinum, even if it is used almost pure at 925 ‰. You can thus create real sculptures, with no wearableness problems. Sometimes, objects in silver are rhodium-plated, so as to preserve their shininess, and give them a look that is reminiscent of the so-called “white gold”.

We are opposed to this practice. Silver darkens over time, but it is bacteriostatic. Although it blackens a little, the murk is not dirt, but a characteristic of the metal, an aspect of its personality, to which we will never give up.

The first ring is a tree which supports a sphere. The most famous tree with a sphere is that of the Garden of Eden, and the sphere was an apple … In all Traditions, both tree and spere are symbols charged with heartfelt instinctive archetypical meanings.
Silver branches and stone spheres.

Looking like a good beginning…