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The jewelery

A jewel is an extension of the personality of those who wear it.

It is for this reason that you can fall in love with one piece of jewelry, or that you leave it in a drawer without ever wearing it. Those who do not like jewelry, be it a woman or man, is because (s)he has yet to find a jewel that suits her/him: when (s)he finds the right jewel, (s)he’ll fall for it (for sure)!

Each one of our jewels has a history, awaiting to bind to your story. They are emotions, aspirations, dreams, desire of balance, of achievement, of belonging to the territory … always stories to participate, share, live as ones own. And we tell these stories with gold and stones. Gold participates with its feminine soul, while the stone with its male spirit; their integration is the heartbeat that is called ” jewel “. Our jewelry is all unique, it can not have a catalog number. Seen them at the shop or photographed and seen them worn, jewels seem different objects!