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The pendant isn’t a pendent which dangles, the accessory to a necklace, the charm of a necklace. It is there to be watched by others, but above all, it is something more personal. Its recreational component should be emphasized, for e.g., it should be easly detachable; we’d love to play together!

While rings embrace fingers, pendants are subject to the powerful influence of the force of gravity. They must gravitate gracefully. We reaffirm the difference between a pendant and a loppy object: the pendant has a positive connotative meaning; the loppy object, negative.

So much that it is necessary that the design highlight this difference: a pendulous item is a pendent whilst a gracefully offered item into sight, to toy with, to touch, to marveling and pleasure: is a pendant. We advise lanyards or moderately rigid chains which do not hang down in a “V” formation giving the impression of heaviness, but that come up with a pendant smoothing along a soft sinuosity.

The pendant is put on halfway between the breasts and the lips, while lips are in the middle between the eyes and the pendant. And the hands are in the right position to take it, remove it, contemplate it, play around with it, watch it, bestow it to show the star of light, the beautiful design, the mysterious inclusion, lastly reattach it easily to its chain. Something very personal that you can temporarily distance from, then, quite simply, come to gether with. If on the pendant you have “your” stone, and for a moment you lend it to a friend, that pendant will be your ambassador. It will only bring back positive messages. Many men do not want to wear jewelry; but it is normal that they also have a gold chain around their necks, with maybe a little pendant. In the childhood memory of each one of us there is at least one pendant: it was a pacifier or a tinkler; it kept us company, gave us pleasure and safety.

Perhaps this is the reason why people are more accomodating towards pendants, that can be more willingly worn even under the shirt. Therefore they do not have only an aesthetic value but touch fundamentals that are not properly rational, and for this, are very powerful. Amber, polychrome tourmaline, star quartz, quartz crystals, corundum crystals, tourmaline crystals, other minerals, fossils, dendritic or rutile quartz, labradorite, large transparent corundum cabochons with beautiful inclusions or with stars, traditional stones, gold nuggets, meteorites … There are no bigness limits and no weight limits as for our rings, so imagination can wander away to envision very chromatic and plastic combinations that would be unthinkable to adorn a finger with.

The fact that the pendant is suspended, and therefore subject to motion, can give a dynamic component to the object that can also express itself with colors, light effects, shiny and opaque zones, movements, plastic drawings of the metal and dream inclusions in the stones, jingle-jangle and splendour of all kinds. A whole world of expressiveness that has so far been only partially explored. Stones with significant inclusions can also be accompanied by a macrograph and a magnifying glass to help investigate within.

We recall the psychological connection that correlates the pendant to the welfare of young children. The message should be addressed to the calm child that is in us, and the adult decision-taking person which is also in us. An important step in the search for “beauty” in little things. A polite intellectuality, a little magic, a plastic form to touch with pleasure. Such an object will be gladly put on by men and women, young and old, refined and essential persons. (It will be a bit less suitable for those used to wait for “others” to take the decision).