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The Ring of Victory

A challenge, at times, should be endorsed. Victory, is not the success.

We need to bear a challenge, from time to time. An examination, a career transition, a sports competition, anything that, at that precise time, involves us completely. A victory is tied to a particular event; not to be confused with success, which comprises a longer period of time and the entirety of a personality. Ruby should not be worn alone. We want to enjoy the pleasure of the challenge, and we want to win because we deserve to win. A gorgeous ruby, not too big, but bright. At its side, a tiny blue sapphire, with a hint of violet. What little deep red is in the sapphire, lights and inflames the ruby, so also our performance will notably, stand out. With a small, square cut diamond, the pulsing of the stones will be even more pronounced. It should be worn for specific occasions, and it is good practice to change the finger often. Muscles, mind, spirit, environment, everything has to compete in the game to lead to victory. After the exams, books are sold at the flea market, the sneakers cleaned out and withdrawn, and the ring put back in its little silver box, after having washed it in salty wat