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The Ring of Joy

To live with joy
the realization of your dreams

To live with joy the present time; to avoid the creeping melancholy of renunciations to small and big dreams and rediscover the pleasure of improvisation, of daydreams and their fulfillment. Put the ring on the middle finger of your left hand; it will be the only ring on that hand. Some children bristle with sparks of joy from their eyes. Chrysoberyl has those sparks of light, and we secure them to time with a small essonite garnet. The embers of its color is a fire that does not devours but provides energy. A tiny diamond assists as a catalyst. You come to a halt with its lightness, the iris shrinks and other stones darken and throb and shoot out sparks, and they invite you to the dance of life. The stones on your fingers facilitate energy exchanges between the seeds of your imagination, and the fertile soil of the Universal Possibility; between your desire for joy, and the joy that now embraces you with warmth at your finger.