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Pietre non Ordinarie

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“Non-Ordinary Stones” was our first job. The first edition is from 1980; several editions and many reprints have been followed. After many years, it maintains its freshness and originality unchanged. The stones are experienced from within them, from the emotions that can arouse, from the intrinsic magic of their naturalness, from the instinctive charm of their nascent beauty.


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- Paolo Severi

Journey into the world of stones, stones, crystals, gems, fossils, dust and stars.

The first edition is from 1980; after many years, each of its lines continues to be fresh and current. Its contents, like its stones, seem never to age. A reading on the stones in general, and on the precious ones in particular. It is not a scientific treatise, but when it goes into technical problems, it disputes willingly with the official science, often dominated by the "needs" of the market. It is not a book of magic, although many chapters have it all air. It is not a historical essay; for stones, as ancient as the world, human "history" is a minor transitory accident. It is not an anthology of anecdotes or fairy tales; however, to represent the emotions that shimmering pebbles can stir up, we must tell ancient legends, and invent new ones. It is not a book of poetry, but the beauty of the stones is such that only poetry can attempt to approach it. Perhaps, it is not even a work of our time, even if problems of ecology, economy, technocracy, have lived with the drama required by the current troubled historical moment.

This book is a journey; a journey into the world of stones, stones, crystals, gems, fossils, dust and stars. A journey into a poetic dimension of a gemstone cutter.


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